Organic Pink Pitaya - Deep Pink Dragon Fruit


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Amazonia Pitaya Smoothie Packs ( box of 16 x 100g)
41,00 €
Amazonia Pitaya Smoothie Packs ( box of 32 x 100g)
72,00 €
Amazonia Pitaya Smoothie Packs ( box of 64 x 100g)
125,00 €

  • Frozen immediately after harvesting.
  • High in Iron
  • Vitamin C source
  • Raw and unpasturised to retain nutrients.
  • Free from GMO, corn syrup or refined sugars, fillers and additives.
Amazonia's 100% certified organic Pink Pitaya is harvested from the deep pink dragon fruit and it carries an exceptional nutritional profile, with a delicious exotic flavour. Our sustainably harvested Pink Pitaya provides a nourishing combination of antioxidant-rich vitamin C, iron, B-vitamins and fibre and has no added sugar. Amazonia Brighten your day with the perfect addition to your Pink Pitaya smoothie or breakfast bowl or enjoy as a delicious, refreshing treat.
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Serving per pack: 1 Serving size 100g Avg. qty. per 100g Energy (kJ) 240kJ (kCal) 57kCal Protein 1.1g Fat - Total 0.3g Saturated Fat 0.1g Carbohydrates 11g Sugar 8g Dieatry Fibre 3g Sodium 0mg Calcium 8.5mg Iron 1.9mg Phosphorus 22.5mg Vitamin C 20mg Vitamin B1 0.04mg Vitamin B2 0.05mg Vitmain B3 0.16mg
HOW TO USE Eat straight from the pack OR 1. Cut pack in half with knife. 2. Add other ingredients such as bananas, berries or juice. Sweeten to taste if desired. 3. Combine in a blender, mix to desired consistency & serve immediately. PITAYA SMOOTHIE 2 packs Pitaya 1 banana 300ml coconut water or almond milk 1 passionfruit pulp (optional) Place ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Serve fresh.

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